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Pricing structure

As part of our commitment to provide a transparent and accountable service, Findem offers three different pricing structures to suit your needs, these detailed below.

Sort & Send

This is our basic level service and gives you the opportunity to have more control over the recruiting process. As an agency we are able to advertise positions at a greatly reduced cost due to buying advertising space in bulk, we are able to pass these savings onto you and charge a small admin fee for sorting through the applicants and sending them on to yourself.

Pros – Cost effective and allows you full control of the recruitment service, we just act as an intermediary to get you the best price on your advertising.

Cons – Only attracts the active job seekers but misses out on the passive candidates whom are not actively viewing job boards, the result being that you will not get full market coverage

Chargeable time

This is our main and preferred service which aims to provide full accountability of where your money is being spent. You only pay for the time that we spend recruiting for you; and this is backed up by a detailed timesheet breakdown of what we have been doing. We are able to work within your budget and can give you an idea of the amount of time it will take to recruit for a position at the start to ensure you get full market coverage and hire the best people for your team.

Pros – Complete transparency on pricing, usually results in a saving of up to 50% over traditional recruitment pricing whilst not compromising on service or quality. Ensures you get complete market coverage and is tailored to each position.

Cons – This service is only available on an exclusive basis, we work as a business partner and will commit 100% of ourselves to finding you the right person. All we ask is that you give us the same level of commitment. (We appreciate some internal policies do not allow for this, which is why we have listed it as a con)

Traditional percentage

This is recruitment as we know it and whilst we want to move away from this model we appreciate that some businesses are unable to due to internal protocols. We still delivery the high quality service that you would expect from Findem and aim to add value to the process at every step. The rates will be in line with the market for the role being recruited and the location your business is operating in.

Pros – Majority of people are familiar with percentage based fees, you will still get the same high quality service and the right people for your role

Cons –   This usually works out more expensive than the chargeable time approach as prices are aligned with market rates.