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Our Values

Findem has a clear set of values which we live by everyday to ensure that we are offering the best to everyone that we deal with. These are values which we hold very dear and use as our guiding principle in every decision we make to ensure we are true to ourselves.


Being honest with ourselves, clients and candidates. It’s easy to be honest about things that go well but, If things go wrong we take ownership of this and embrace it as a learning experience, likewise we aim to help clients and candidates do the same.


We aim to be transparent with everything we do including our pricing, job details and company information. We’ve got nothing to hide


The world doesn’t stand still so why should we? We are always looking for new ways to make things better, suggestions are always welcome


We are an extension of you, we don’t have clients and candidates we have partners that we work with to solve their problems. Be it finding the perfect role or the next member of your team.