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Searching for a job in 2020

So with the furlough scheme drawing to a close, more and more people are entering the job market, so now more than ever it is important to ensure you are performing an effective job search.  The advent of modern technology has made it easier to apply for positions however this does add additional complexity to your job search.

Below we have provided a brief guide on how to ensure you are maximising your chances of getting your CV in front of the right people which hopefully should help you secure your next dream job.

Know what you are looking for!

It is common when you’ve been made redundant to panic, a million and one things rush through your head along with a broad mixture of emotions. This is perfectly normal, and by all means take a minute or two to gather up you energy and courage, because emotions aside, the time has come to consider what the next steps are. For some people the highest priority is to get some cash flow, in this scenario it is probably worth considering temporary positions and even roles outside of your normal sector. Some areas of the economy are doing really well at the moment and are struggling for staff; couriers, supermarkets and farms are all potential avenues to explore if you are keen to get some money coming in ASAP. Alternatively you could look at temporary roles within the area that you have the most experience.

Once you have some money coming in or are perhaps in the fortunate position of not having to worry about securing a new position right away, your priorities will naturally shift to thinking about what you are going to do next. What is important to you in a role? Consider your strengths, and weaknesses but also areas that you would like to progress in. These will all help you to formulate the type of position that you would like and act as a benchmark to compare prospective positions against. If you’re struggling to know what your next career step should be then speak to people from within your profession or a trusted advisor. Both should have a good understanding of what your next steps might be but it’s important to remember that it is your decision and only you know what will make you happy.

Target your search.

Now you are clear on what it is you’re looking for its time to start your search. With a whole host of job boards available along with social media and company websites to choose from it can often be challenging to know where to start. A good idea would be to start by doing a search on some of the most common job boards, you re often able to save these searches and create alerts which will automatically notify you of positions that come up that match your criteria. Most job boards also allow Boolean searches. Boolean is a basic code that search engines use to generate results, an effective Boolean search can often limit the number of searches you need to save in order to cover the whole market. A simple search for a finance manager level position might look something like this: “finance manager” OR “Head of finance” OR “Finance Officer” OR “Finance*”. You are able to adapt the search terms to include and exclude different parameters to make your search more or less specific. In addition to job boards it is worth doing a search on Google or Bing using relatively generic terminology for positions in the local area. These will commonly show positions posted on job boards but will also pick up roles hosted on company websites which may not have been advertised elsewhere.

Embrace the power of Social Media!

Social media and specifically LinkedIn is fast becoming the number one way of finding work. Many people neglect LinkedIn as part of their search efforts but doing so could severely hamper your efforts.  As well as enabling you to apply for positions through the platform you are able to actively engage with perspective employers and recruiters. This interaction is more important than ever and gives you the chance to build a relationship and ask questions before submitting an application. We will be creating a guide to getting the best out of LinkedIn shortly but feel free to get in touch should you have any questions now.

Put the effort in

Looking for a new role is a job in itself and it is important to treat it as such if you are serious about finding a new position. Competition for positions has increased recently so it is important to be on top of things and proactive in your approach. Engage with employers and recruiters but be mindful of how these interactions go, if recruiters are promising things and not delivering then chances are they are doing the same with their clients and it might be worth considering working with an alternative recruitment firm.  Likewise, if an organisation seems muddled or slow to respond this should certainly raise some red flags and would be worth considering before proceeding with an application.

Ask for help

We are here to help YOU! If all of the above seems confusing or you’re not sure where to start then please do get in touch and we would be more than happy to have a confidential chat on what you could be doing to improve your prospects and secure your next position.